Outplacement services for individuals

Whatever your motivations, engaging with the New Horizons team to receive tailored Outplacement support will help to build your confidence and create the clarity required for you to begin a new chapter in your career.

What is Outplacement?

  • Most explanations of Outplacement would probably say it is the process of supporting someone in a change of role, whether that’s within a new organisation or staying put.
  • No longer reserved for board members or limited to the provision of office concierge services (its reputation in the 70s), Outplacement services have flourished in recent years.
  • At New Horizons we tend to use the term ‘Career Transition’ in place of Outplacement – we think it’s less impersonal and means exactly what people think it means!

Our programmes can be as unique as the person you are

Are you a Senior Executive?
We offer a range of services:

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We’re here to help

The New Horizons team recognises the challenges most people face when changing roles or organisations, as well as the uncertainty that transformation and restructure can bring.

Whether you’ve made a significant career decision recently or it’s on the horizon, we can help you. Our career coaches have worked with thousands of people in situations similar to your own, helping them to identify their options and achieve their personal career goals.

It’s all about you

We work swiftly to get to know your hopes, dreams and any fears about your career or the rapidly changing world of work.

We’ll match you with the coach best suited to your needs and aspirations. Then together we’ll design a programme which is accessible, flexible and tailored to deliver success – helping you to make informed choices about your future.

Our tailored approach encourages a smooth career transition and provides you with the tools you need to secure a new opportunity or lifestyle change.

What you can expect from us

A key aspect of most outplacement programmes is that your organisation is supporting you through redundancy and potential job loss or the challenge of transformation and restructure, although from time to time we engage with individuals directly.

Our programmes offer practical support on a range of topics underpinned by ongoing tailored input from your consultant:

  • Evaluating short- and longer-term career options
  • Building your personal brand
  • Writing CVs and preparing job applications
  • Creating a winning LinkedIn profile
  • Searching for jobs – strategies and techniques
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Coaching for success
  • Assessing and evaluating job offers

… although we recognise that sometimes all you need is a topical ‘quick fix’ or to work at your own pace.


Our innovative online career centre, i-horizons, is available ‘on tap’ and packed with interactive tools, e-learning content and the latest job opportunities designed to help you navigate today’s job market and to support you in all aspects of career transition.  It gives you instant 24/07 access to a vast selection of resources, including a CV builder and Interview360, our AI-powered interview training tool, and digital advice and guidance films delivering expert advice on a range of core career and job search topics.

Career Coaching

If you’re keen to understand more about the importance of your career to you and what you value about work in these ever-changing times, then coaching can help you to better understand your priorities.

We put the Care into Career Transition

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