The Challenge of Change

Your managers and frontline supervisors are key to the success or otherwise of any type of change involving your people. Our programmes, workshops and one-to-one support will give them insights and confidence in understanding the human impact of change as they lead and manage their teams through the process.

The support we offer covers:

  • ‘Breaking the news’ coaching and training
  • In-depth training on how people react to change and the emotional cycle they can experience
  • Effective listening and communication skills
  • How to keep the work environment functioning focusing on morale and motivation

Please contact us to talk through your change programme and what you may be looking for. As with our outplacement work, we believe in personal, flexible and bespoke solutions to help you and your people. Call us on 0044 (0)207 831 9843 or send us a message now.

Case Study

With a new CEO and leadership team, our client was undertaking a major organisational restructure impacting all levels from the senior leadership team to front line staff. New Horizons were asked to create a series of interactive workshops to give greater understanding of the process of change and how to deal with it effectively, both as individuals and as an organisation. After a fact-finding meeting with HR and the Senior Team we designed 2 workshops focused on understanding how people respond to change, likely reactions and the link with individual beliefs and behaviours. The first workshop for senior leaders and managers also covered the assessment of resilience and mental toughness providing insights and tools to support their teams throughout the change process. The second workshop was subsequently delivered to team leaders/middle management. All participants received detailed information material on the workshop content with specific follow up activities to embed learning.

Outcome: All participants found they had an increased understanding of the effects of change which had both personal value in helping them deal with the process in a positive constructive way and with supporting others throughout the organisation. The workshops were said to be particularly helpful in relation to managing emotional responses, helping people to take responsibility and recognise they had control over their future. The Senior Team recognised the short-term and long-term value of assessing resilience within the context of change management and in developing the organisation going forward.