The days of posting a CV in the mail with a cover letter when looking for a new job are long gone. In today’s world with digital job boards, applicant tracking systems and careers sites the ways to find and apply for a job usually now involve sharing personal information online.   And with over 500 million members LinkedIn is a key tool for anyone looking to move into a new job or career. Creating your LinkedIn profile and sharing what you can do and offer to prospective employers is essential in today’s modern job search world.

Protecting your online LinkedIn presence and keeping yourself safe is incredibly important.   LinkedIn’s Trust and Safety team is responsible for ensuring that the LinkedIn platform continues to be a safe, trusted and professional environment however it is our own responsibility as individual members to take steps to protect ourselves on LinkedIn.

There are some key things you can do as recommended by the LinkedIn security team.  You should only connect with people you know or recommended contacts from a trusted connection. And only invite people people you know and trust because 1st-degree connections are given access to any information you’ve displayed on your profile.

If something makes you uncomfortable, you suspect someone might not be representing themselves honestly, or if you see inappropriate behaviour like harassment or inaccurate content – then it should be reported to LinkedIn immediately.  It’s important to also remember that you can always remove a connection if necessary

LinkedIn take member reports very seriously, and take appropriate action on those that violate their Terms of Service or Professional Community Policies. Actions can range from the removal of content to a permanent restriction from LinkedIn.

In today’s world online security is paramount and its worth spending a few minutes reviewing your profile and checking you’re happy with your settings.