How We Work

When all the jargon and management buzz words are taken away, the New Horizons team are Career Coaches. It’s that simple.

Everything we do is approached from a coaching perspective, whether that’s providing outplacement support to one person or a group of people, helping an individual to plan and prepare for a change of direction or working with a senior executive to help them transition into a new more challenging role.

Our ethos and guarantee is that every person’s programme is built around their individual needs. It’s what sets us apart from many others in the field.

We are Career Transition Consultants, and we’re good at it.  We are passionate about what we do and about helping the people we work with. And the results speak for themselves.

We care about our clients’ careers

All our consultants have personal experience of career transition and change, whether through redundancy or choice. So they fully understand the range of emotions and uncertainty that people may be experiencing at times of change, whether that’s leaving their current organisation, moving to a more challenging role or considering a change of career.

There are no basic quick fixes at New Horizons. Just real, actionable solutions. We take a holistic view and look at the whole person – their values, needs, hopes and aspirations – rather than just their current job and skillset. Our sole objective is to ensure that people make informed decisions and follow the right career path for them, not just push them towards the first opportunity that comes along. It is this focus which allows us to provide people with long term career fulfilment.

What you can expect from us

If you’re an individual looking for help in making the next step in your career, you can rest assured that we care about your goals and ambitions and will provide you with the very best support to help you to move forward and to make the right career choices.

For HR professionals looking for a business partner to assist staff members who are leaving the organisation, whether by choice or involuntarily, or to coach and mentor your senior leaders, New Horizons can provide the assurance that your people are being given the best support possible.

Programmes are tailored for individuals but we can provide group sessions if required.
Clients can generally work with us in person, by phone or by video call. We’re totally flexible.

We take a holistic view and look at the whole person – their values, needs, hopes and aspirations – rather than just their current job and skillset.

The journey of redundancy and considering career change is never straightforward; I have experienced it several times but only on the most recent occasion came across New Horizons. I soon discovered the value of career counselling through several informal but professional, focused and inspirational conversations. Their positive approach that values the individual’s ability, knowledge and experience transformed my thinking. Working with the brilliant team at New Horizons has enabled me to considerably improve my CV, shape my outlook and instil belief and confidence. For me, the most beneficial aspect of being made redundant was discovering New Horizons and building a bright future together.


Executive Client

We put the Care into Career Transition

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