Executive Outplacement services

Providing just the right level of Outplacement support to Chief Officers, Board members and strategic Leaders can be critical to the executives’ wellbeing and future success. This is often as much about self-awareness and understanding as it is about ambition – what do you want to do and what can you do?

Looking to move on? Or up?

The past couple of years have brought unprecedented changes at pace. Many Chief Officers, Board Members and other senior leaders have found themselves in testing situations, making critical decisions about their own futures alongside those of their organisations.

New Horizons works with senior leaders and strategic decision makers who recognise that change is inevitable and a constant influence on their careers, their organisations and their actions.

Executive Outplacement programmes

Our Executive Outplacement programmes are focused on individual needs and organisational budgets, and are designed to be both flexible and adaptable. There are opportunities for multi-media interactions, including in-person or video coaching sessions, and can last between six and twelve months, all with unlimited access to our online career management resource, i-horizons.

Transitions are challenging – they take courage, self-belief and commitment. Self-knowledge is key.

We’ve seen it all

Maybe you are seeking your next role, or perhaps you are moving on due to unforeseen changes caused by a takeover, merger, restructure or a change of strategy at the very top.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, you can be certain we have encountered it before, and your Executive Outplacement coach can help you with:

  • A move to the C-suite
  • Seeking another executive or senior management role
  • Stepping out on your own
  • Building a portfolio of non-executive directorships or consultancy roles

Our Executive Career Transition and Outplacement programmes can help with the right support and coaching to take you to the next stage in your career.

Our New Horizons coaches recognise that Executive Outplacement support often needs to be agile and play to the client’s strengths, just like the working world they’ve recently conquered or left behind. They understand the potential highs and lows of the current jobs market, partnering individuals to set stretching yet realistic objectives.

We provide advice and support at every step of the way, determining your career and personal goals, identifying your unique strengths and future career options, preparing for the job market and supporting you through your campaign, for as long as it takes.

Would Executive Coaching be more appropriate?
Maybe you’d benefit from a different perspective or need encouragement to work differently…

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Clients are matched with one of our most experienced coaches – someone who understands the complexity of executive careers and Career Transition, not to mention executive search, assessment or business start-up.

We put the Care into Career Transition

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