Career Coaching services for your people

We help your people to think strategically about their current role and how they are performing, giving them clarity in their career aspirations and helping them to optimise their talents.

Career Coaching

Acquisitions, mergers, restructures and transformational change all create uncertainty for people affecting their engagement and well-being and raising questions about whether they are in the right job.

Career coaching helps people to decide what they want out of their career and their life. It is particularly effective at times of change – promotion, a change of role or direction, new responsibilities or even retirement.

Those who could benefit from career coaching will include:

  • People who are struggling with change or new responsibilities
  • People who are not performing or who are not engaged
  • People who have lost their energy or ‘mojo’
  • People you want to retain but think they may be in the wrong role
  • People who should probably leave you but who don’t have the confidence to have that conversation

Focusing on strengths, skills, values, needs and aspirations, our career coaches work with people to review their current career path and future options, recognising how they may be blocking their own success. We provide the tools, the resources and the experience that will give people the edge, creating a practical action plan and building the foundations for a successful transition.

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Our experienced coaches can help your people to:

  • Identify their key strengths and skills
  • Recognise their core values and specific needs
  • Build their confidence and self- esteem
  • Identify and establish a career path that’s achievable for them
  • Develop the tools and resources they need to be successful
  • Feel supported and motivated in a challenging, competitive job market
  • Navigate difficult career decisions

Our team can work with you to develop the most appropriate coaching programmes to focus on an individual’s leadership development or career progression, or we can help you in building higher-performing teams of people.

We will work with you to design a unique programme for your people, matching them with the New Horizons coach or coaches best suited to their particular needs and aspirations

We put the Care into Career Transition

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