Looking forward to Autumn

by | Sep 14, 2021

My sense is that this Autumn will see us all settle into new and fresh routines, both at home and at work. The UK vaccination programme has eased some of the pressure, although I accept that not everyone has achieved their ideal holiday in the sunshine. That said, there is much to celebrate – football triumphs, Olympic medals, and an inspirational young woman winning the US Open, which has raised all our spirits and is a wonderful British story. What are you celebrating? How was your holiday? What’s next for you?

I cannot remember a time when I have been so excited about a new season that is not Spring but this year, I am celebrating the advent of Autumn 2021. The weather has not been great this summer, although I remain cheerful about the prospect of an Indian Summer. No matter how disappointing the news, I feel so much more positive when the sun comes out and I can relax in the garden with a cappuccino. Now that is not something I would have written about a year or so ago. My work and the garden would not have come together so seamlessly. I love working in the city and travelling to meet clients in their offices, although some of the alternatives have been just as satisfying and effective. Which routines will you keep?

It seems that we are all enjoying greater freedoms, although some health precautions must continue and some businesses are demanding a return to the office. Inevitably, the Autumn will bring unique and exciting challenges, as we all settle into new working routines, even new roles. For some, there will be new colleagues to meet (in person) and relationships to be forged. This is not the time to debate the intricacies of home or office-based working, although I am convinced that through talking, employers and their colleagues will find the best solutions. Have you been part of the solution yet?

The furlough scheme will end on the last day in September and redundancies may be the only option for some organisations or struggling businesses. Many people have remained loyal to their employing organisations and sectors throughout furlough. Some have been learning new skills and developing their talents while preparing for the inevitable news. The New Horizons Careers team is well-equipped to support corporate and individual clients through these difficult times. I recognise that job loss is not something to celebrate, and I am encouraging individuals who are worried about this inevitability to share their concerns.

Maybe this is a good time to celebrate ‘being you’ and make some resolutions about what you want to achieve at work in the next 12 months. Why wait until January? But first things first, how is your CV looking? Does it accurately reflect what you have been up to this past couple of years? Have you captured what you have learned from the pandemic and differing priorities? Whether you are a CEO, an HRD or a PR reading this, you will know already that there are huge benefits to be gained from a little self-reflection. And what better time is there than now to update your CV and think about your future?

Our New Horizons Careers coaches are eager to help you to better understand yourself or the people you need to keep your organisation future-focused and we are here to support your people who are leaving with their career transition.

If you would like to know more about creating learning opportunities for your people or promoting learning journals, we are keen to support you. And we are always here to help you with the challenges of transformation and redundancy.

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