Has the talent pipeline dried up or been diverted?

by | Aug 6, 2021

Changes in the working world are inevitable and we all recognise that work will never be quite the same following this recent global pandemic, but what are the key decisions facing corporate employers as restrictions ease? There have been some pandemic success stories as businesses have reinvented themselves and a new brand of entrepreneurial spirit has surfaced. But as we all encounter greater flexibility will these challenger brands need to grow or retrench and what skills will they need?

McKinsey introduced us to the War for Talent back in the late ‘90s, but to what extent is the hypothesis still relevant today? There seems increasing evidence that some sectors are experiencing the mounting pressures of talent shortages at the same time as others are trying to understand if they will ever see an end to furloughed employments. Whether we are in the throes of another talent crisis or not, there are entire sectors which are delicately balanced on high numbers of furloughed employments even now. Aviation, airports, travel and the arts, as well as all those businesses which provide allied services like retail and hospitality are beginning to find their feet again, although progress is cautious.

How can these businesses ensure that they are not left behind when they can finally go to market and recruit? Put simply, they can’t, but they can work on their reputation as employers in the meantime. They can treat their existing people respectfully, encourage them to develop their talents and create inspired internal talent pools once they are fully operational. They can earn a reputation for growth and learning.

The New Horizons Careers coaches are highly skilled in assessing individuals’ talents and motivations, as well as helping them to better understand their personal aspirations and what is possible. Our coaches are adept at supporting individuals through change and they are eager to support your corporate decision making around the skills, attitudes and values you need to rebuild organisational success. Maybe they can help you to design strategies for change or talent development which will help you to stay on the front foot?

For some business leaders and their HR advisors every decision they are making right now is a new decision. They are making history as they debate whether homeworking should or needs to continue and whether compulsory vaccination for care workers is a good fit with their organisational values. These are both challenging times and exciting times. Some organisations are using this opportunity to overhaul their relationships with their people, as well as the skills they need to rebuild their business. Maybe now is a good time to make good with the talented people in place, rather than launching your search for a unicorn?

How can we help?
The team is often called upon to support individuals whom the business feels need to leave the organisation. Decisions are often made to satisfy the financials. Other times it is the conclusion to a mismatch between individuals’ skills or values and organisational preferences. Then there are the significant transformations which seem to touch just about everything and everybody – skills profiles, leadership styles, technology solutions, spans of control and cost savings to name but a few. Currently we are all experiencing disruption and change, although the working world will always rely on talented people to create opportunities and success.

Like most business leaders I am always pleased to receive new enquiries, although given the business we are in, that often means there are some disappointed individuals elsewhere: individuals who will need a confidence boost and a sense of future direction, just as much as they will need to talk or to let off steam. Frequently we find ourselves supporting the corporate machine simultaneously. While the individual clients begin to build relationships with their career coaches, we work behind the scenes with executive teams and HR leaders. It often falls to us to sustain their confidence in the rightsizing decisions they have made or need to implement. We provide a holistic support network for your organisation.

New Horizons Careers can put together a tailored programme which supports your individual as well as your organisation needs. We help your executives and your managers who are staying to adapt to new ways of working and encourage learning. And we help your people who are leaving with their career transition.
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