Reflecting on the successes of change

by | Jun 8, 2021

I am a great reflector, and this year has certainly provided me with much to consider, although this weekend was particularly significant. There were decisions to be made about which restaurant to book for a meal out, inside, and what to do about face-to-face client meetings as travel becomes easier. I have had some insightful discussions with colleagues and clients on both topics this week. The decision-making processes were similar and with the wet weather keeping me inside, I was keen to consider all the options.

The business I’m in frequently requires me to make quick yet informed decisions. The world of work moves at such pace and the past 18 months have certainly kept us on our toes. We saw several High Street retailers and a significant travel business close in Autumn 2019. It seems that before we all had time to collect our thoughts, we were plunged into further despair about job losses, furloughed employments and business closures. Unemployment skyrocketed as organisations did what they could to survive. Working patterns altered to accommodate family and community, at the same time as dining tables became desks and kitchen worktops the office.

Exactly which aspects of this survival should we cherish? What should we take forward and what should we leave behind? Resilience, collaboration and kindness have been my watchwords. I have valued the support of colleagues, friends and clients who have seemed unswerving in their quest to help each other “keep the wheels on”. It seems that this year more than ever, lasting partnerships have been forged or rediscovered. To accompany lasting partnerships, I am advocating lasting and positive change. I am encouraging everyone reading this article, to consider the elements of their working life and career which they would prefer to leave behind. Why not take some time out of your busy schedule to consider the following?


  • With a focus on the future normal, which elements of the past year will you take with you (and which will you leave behind)?
  • What have you learned about yourself?

This is your opportunity to really make a difference to yourself and to others. It’s your time to reflect on the aspects of how you lead others or help to develop your peers. There are decisions to be made about how you prefer to work and where you are most productive. Once you are clear in your mind what you want to take forward, there will be opportunities to create strategies that best reflect your values at work. Not only for yourself, but for the organisation and your colleagues. Amid the upset of a global pandemic, these are the positive influences of workplace transformations.

Returning to my original challenge of where to eat and where to meet, we have decided that at least for now, the New Horizons Careers team will continue to offer remote and virtual services. I am delighted that clients continue to acknowledge our responsiveness and commitment to supporting their colleagues through difficult decisions and career transitions. Any early reservations I had were completely unfounded. I mentioned previously that the team have spent little time travelling between meetings, unless you count the time it takes to move between the dining table and the study for a video call. We have all been pleased to reinvest that time in creating some new and exciting materials for our clients. That just leaves me to book a table inside my favourite restaurant for some time next week.

We help organisations design their strategies for change. New Horizons Careers can put together a tailored programme which supports your organisation’s needs. We will help your managers who are staying to adapt to new ways of working, and your people who are leaving with their career transition.

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