Festive Cheer and More Good News for 2021

by | Dec 21, 2020

Interesting times ahead, now that we have positive news of a vaccine to conquer the Covid-19 virus – and that is why I have resisted the temptation to use the term, “Back to normal” in favour of something more positive.

In fact, this news got me thinking about the impact we have on so many situations and people, whether they are our corporate clients, or their colleagues, or our individual clients. All this thinking began with a cancelled video meeting a few days ago. In different circumstances, I would have brought my next appointment forward, but the first days of Winter saw the sunshine brighten my office. I began to reflect on the success stories of 2020. Most likely because I had time to do it.

New Horizons Careers has grown from my early instincts to support my clients and candidates through the recruitment process. At that time, we had a remarkably successful recruitment consultancy and easing the burden on my clients, the Chief Executive, HRDs and Recruitment Managers of some significant corporations came as second nature. Without a second thought, I rewrote job descriptions and person specifications, to provide a great client experience. Then I would flip over the coin and coach my candidates through their interview preparation to build their confidence. This Winter afternoon in my office I recalled those early days of my coaching career. More than 25 years later, we have helped so many people to achieve their career ambitions, whatever the circumstance of their mission.

With unemployment figures reaching an all time high and more news this week of well-established stores closing their doors for the final time, so many people are searching for a new work opportunity. At New Horizons Careers we work with a broad range of individuals from all different professions and organisational levels, but in these extraordinary times, it may not be possible to see all those clients into a brand new role. We have a team of career coaches who excel at supporting their clients while they explore opportunities to turn their current interests or their profession into a small business. Our coaches are adept at signposting clients towards careers that they may not have thought about previously. They are skilled in the art of the possible and are not selfish with their knowledge.

Sometimes I find myself wishing that we could talk more about our New Horizons Careers successes, but we take confidentiality and our data protection obligations so seriously that is out of the question. That said, we frequently receive thank you cards and accolades long after our relationships with individuals has concluded. This year has been no exception, we welcomed back corporate clients who have been forced to shrink down their workforce and we have been pleased to begin new relationships; to be able to demonstrate our expertise and compassion. I must admit that I have always favoured the “in person” meetings with new clients and over the years I have travelled the length and breadth of the UK to demonstrate our business commitment. Yet here I am today in my London office building the foundations of a new programme with a client based in the north via video. There is much to celebrate.

I am pleased that today I have been able to reflect on New Horizons Careers accomplishments and remind myself of the good things which we have achieved since the 1990s. This afternoon I have taken some of my own frequently voiced advice to reflect on the successes and not get deterred by the disappointments of life. For me, it’s time to get back to the diary and my next appointment with a longstanding client. I wish you well for 2021 and a restful festive season.

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