When Outplacement isn’t enough – Supporting the Organisation’s Survivors During Transformation

by | Dec 11, 2020

This has been a difficult year for many businesses and service organisations, as they have fought to sustain the impact of Covid-19. For those which were already reeling from the likely consequences of Brexit, 2020 has become increasingly challenging and the travel and hospitality sectors in particular have been decimated. Recently, High Street names have been falling like dominoes, major sporting stadia have been mothballed and arts venues remain closed. Public transport is in disarray, major infrastructure projects hang in the balance, and city centre real estate values are under threat as business leaders make economic sense of remote working. Employment opportunities are receding, and thousands of jobs are at risk.

Many Chief Executives, HR leaders and entrepreneurs continue to find ways to refocus, reinvent and reorganise their businesses. Frequently working impossible hours and relinquishing bonuses in an attempt to do the right thing by their investors and employees, theirs is not an easy ride. Neither is it particularly enjoyable, although so many others rely on them for their livelihoods. This is not a time for the feint-hearted, neither is it a time for altruistic actions which may be misinterpreted. The pressure is building. What they achieve, how they behave, and the impact of their decisions is being scrutinised from every angle, like a seagull picking over the remains of a seaside supper.

New Horizons Careers is proud of its longstanding relationships with corporate clients. We value opportunities to interact with business leaders, HRDs, HR managers and L&D professionals. With mental health taking centre stage alongside the impact of Covid-19, it is vital that organisations protect their people who are making difficult choices and people decisions. We are all being encouraged to take the time to ask how our colleagues really are, then pause and listen to their reply, adding, “How can I help?”.

Now for my questions: How often have you been a part of this type of dialogue? How frequently have you felt overwhelmed, yourself? Maybe it’s your time to pause and reflect.

New Horizons Careers’ reputation for supporting individuals through change, redundancy and career transition is undisputed. Our lasting partnerships with HR leaders and their teams enable us to keep in step with their peoples’ expectations. More and more, we are supporting the decision-makers and the policy makers also. We are coaching the ‘in-house’ coaches and the counsellors. Our recent career transition and outplacement packages have included some strategies for survivor support, because we recognise the need to offer support at all organisational levels. We can partner your ‘in-house’ professionals to design and deliver a programme, or we can tailor a programme and coach your team through delivery.

When you know that your people need support, but you’re not certain which way to turn, New Horizons Careers is available to help you decide what you need. Perhaps most importantly, we are here to listen to you. We put coaching at the heart of everything we do; we’re great listeners and we’re excellent innovators. Together we can put together a programme in support of your organisation’s transformation – a programme which supports the people who are staying as well as the ones who are leaving. Why not get in touch for a chat with one of the team, in confidence?

Please call us on 0044 (0)207 831 9843 to let us know how we can help, or send us a message now.