Working remotely doesn’t mean an end to personal development

by | Nov 28, 2020

Developing your career while working remotely can seem like a challenge too far for some people, especially during the C-19 pandemic. Working from home should not adversely impact or hinder your professional growth, even though from time to time it feels like you are interacting less often and with fewer colleagues. At New Horizons Careers we can help with your development.

With some careful planning, you can still grow professionally and strengthen your career opportunities during these challenging times. Here are some of the ways in which we believe you can develop in your current role while leveraging new opportunities. It’s time to continue to make your mark on your organisation, even when working remotely:

Market your talents

We recommend that you keep informal links with colleagues and your managers as current as those more formal interactions. With regular team meetings and performance reviews switching to online meetings, you may be losing the benefits of coffee machine chats which have such a role to play in updating on projects.

Why not create your own performance coffee chat by inviting your manager for a 15/20-minute virtual “spotlight chat” over coffee? With you in the spotlight these sessions work equally well by telephone, facetime or any of the video meeting providers.

Keep your network alive

We recommend that you allocate some time to maintaining connections virtually, maybe through your social channels if you are unable to meet in person. You may find yourself working with some colleagues more than others, although try to keep an open dialogue with everyone.

Why not set aside time to collaborate with different teams or seek out opportunities to give recognition to colleagues who are doing good work. Make the most of swapping ideas with a fresh group of people and when remote working feels isolating, reach out to someone new.


Invest in learning opportunities

Many people are saving travel time by working from home, particularly if they had a long or time-consuming commute. Even if you found the journey less challenging and managed to read a book without interruption, we advise recreating that reading time at home.

It’s a good idea to allocate at least one commuter journey time each day to personal growth and learning. Why not read some developmental texts or enrol on a remote or virtual skills development programme – or at least think about the options.

Get better at time management

Excellent time management skills are often associated with business success. Working from home can help to minimise distractions from office noise and prevent all but essential interruptions from colleagues. This provides opportunities to plan your time so that any surpluses can be reinvested in more strategic or critical thinking. Why not give it a try?

Write with clarity 

Getting into the habit of consistently writing well-constructed and clear emails will improve communication with your colleagues.  It will help projects go more smoothly and save time on confusing messaging leading to re-work, etc.  To improve your written communication still further, avoid jargon and work hard to limit misunderstanding.  Clarity is vital when a quick check in across the desk becomes more challenging at distance.

Seize the opportunity

This could be your opportunity to make a significant contribution to the cost versus output debate currently challenging many business leaders.  Why not demonstrate that you are willing to give even more to the team at the expense of your own time – made easier by less time spent on travelling.  By demonstrating your commitment to “going the extra mile” you will also be seizing an opportunity for personal growth.

Our career coaches can support you with your personal development.  They are ready to help you discover a fresh perspective, which will help you to feel more confident and optimistic about your future.

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