At New Horizons Careers, we put coaching at the heart of everything we do: whether that’s working with individuals or groups of colleagues; supporting someone through a career change or an MD transitioning to the challenges of becoming Chief Executive. It’s all part of our career transition offer.

We recognise that there are critical points in most careers which present challenging questions or opportunities. It’s times like these where career coaching comes in, especially if you’ve already explored options with trusted colleagues or friends and family and still not found the right solution for you. Perhaps you have a clear goal in mind and things are moving too slowly or maybe you need a confidence boost to achieve that promotion.

Our approach is quite different to many providers because we see value in getting to know the whole person.  At New Horizons Careers we don’t just focus on our client’s career, we work closely with them to understand their values, their immediate needs and their hopes and aspirations.  It goes beyond their job title and their skillset.  We begin to build the coaching relationship from our first cup of tea together – even if that’s over Zoom.

Our highly skilled career coaches work with their clients to help them to identify their career goals.  They are realistic and recognise that engaging with a coach for the first time can be daunting.  That’s why we put so much time into matching our coaches with clients.  We tailor our approach to ensure that every client articulates a set of realistic (for them) goals and creates the best possible plan to achieve them.  Our coaches are the facilitators of change.

At New Horizons Careers we pride ourselves in creating safe spaces for thinking, dreaming and learning.  It’s a virtual space of course, although our career coaches are never far away when things get tough.  They don’t judge, they listen and encourage their clients to consider different or new ways of doing things.  Working with one of our coaches frequently brings a new perspective and newly honed skills, although somehow that’s easier to absorb than “in-house” learning.

In the same way that we get to know as much as we can about our clients, we encourage each to learn more about themselves and their expectations.  Through their expert and targeted questioning, our career coaches help individuals to come to terms with how they are perceived by others.  Together our clients and their coaches experiment with alternative solutions for trialling in the workplace.  Our coaches encourage learning at every opportunity.

Skills development and learning are at the forefront of personal development.  Sometimes our clients know what they need to do although finding the right place to begin gets in the way of their progress.  Coaching is an economically sound and effective way of improving personal capability.  Our career coaches guide their clients to find their best starting point, so that they get the best return on their time invested.

Put simply, the New Horizons Careers approach enables clients to focus on their key strengths, their skills, values, needs and aspirations.  Working closely with one of our coaches, our clients establish what they want from their careers (and maybe their lives outside of work) and get help to develop the most appropriate plans to achieve their goals.

Perhaps it’s time for you to get benefit from working with a coach who will encourage and help you to:

  • Identify your key strengths and skills
  • Recognise your core values and specific needs
  • Build your confidence and self-belief
  • Establish a suitable, achievable career path
  • Develop the tools and resources you need for success
  • Ensure that you remain motivated and feel supported in a competitive job market
  • Develop skills to navigate difficult career decisions

Our career coaches can help you to discover a fresh perspective which will help you to feel confident and optimistic about your future.  They will support you as you discover who you are and what you need from your work and perhaps even your life outside of work.

It’s time to feel fulfilled and whatever your needs, we are here to help.  It’s time to get in touch and start the process, so that we can find the best possible coach to help you achieve your dreams.

Please call us on 0044 (0)207 831 9843 to let us know how we can help, or send us a message now.