Outplacement is a term which conjures up different definitions to different professions. People from the HR and L&D professions may be only too familiar with the need to source Outplacement services at some time in their career, and this article seeks to explain what it’s all about.

An essential service which often brings hope to what would otherwise be challenging employment decisions, outplacement services provide support and structure. Offered by many organisations to their exiting employees (resulting from organisational change, restructure, redundancy or other settlements) outplacement is a coaching-led intervention.

Outplacement services are seldom offered in house but outsourced to a third-party organisation.  An organisation with expert skills and a strong track record of supporting people to transition to a new role or perhaps even a new career.  New Horizons Careers remain market leaders and have an enviable reputation for supporting corporate clients through change and transformation.

New Horizons Careers work with their clients as individuals and do not believe there is a “one size fits all” approach.  That’s why we have developed a range of different programmes, as well as some totally flexible packages which match the differing needs of our clients irrespective of seniority and professional standing.  We are committed to building effective and tailored programmes which bring many benefits:

  • Protecting your brand and reputation: doing the right thing goes a long way.  Offering outplacement support to your employees who are leaving sends positive messages about how you treat your people (without any statutory imperatives)
  • Demonstrating a caring culture: rewarding and supporting those employees who have previously contributed to your business success by supporting them into new roles quickly and effectively
  • Retaining and continuing to attract quality talent: demonstrating to existing and potential employees that you treat people with consideration and care, so that they continue to support your business
  • Protecting your HR team: supporting your HR team helping to make their frontline role a little easier

New Horizons Careers have been providing outplacement support to groups of people, both large and small, for more than 25 years and our Individual, Executive and Group Outplacement Programmes have been designed to help organisations to find the right level of support for their people.

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