Is ‘pre-outplacement support’ another new normal in the current Covid-19 business world?

by | May 15, 2020

We continue to witness huge changes as businesses, leaders, managers and front-line teams acclimatise to the Covid-19 world.

To survive throughout and beyond the crisis and to thrive in the ‘new normal’ world of work, organisations need courage, a high level of flexibility and to be decisive about their fundamental long-term strategy. How will they do things differently?

At New Horizons we believe those companies positively embracing change and fostering creativity and innovation at this time are the ones most likely to thrive going forward.

How a quality outplacement programme is crucial

With vast numbers of employees furloughed and many losing their jobs entirely, organisations need to provide support for the people in these situations, whilst protecting their employer brands.

For employees facing redundancy, high quality outplacement programmes are increasingly crucial. We believe outplacement candidates benefit most from personalised one-to-one support from experienced career coaches, helping them to deal effectively with their reactions, take stock, build confidence, and plan, develop and execute a successful transition into a new working life.

For those who are staying on in the business, many may suffer from ‘survivor syndrome’ – guilt about retaining their roles while others are made redundant and facing very uncertain futures. The challenge of re-engaging and motivating employees who are retained but potentially scarred by their experience may not be easy to address.

One option is to provide access to specific support that helps people deal with their situation in a constructive way. Practical tools that can be accessed remotely are a great way of helping with this. There are a multitude of virtual resources available on subjects such as emotional resilience and leading through change. These ‘softer skills’ initiatives are becoming an established proposition as organisations engage in transformation for the post Covid-19 world.

Some organisations still have their decisions about transformation and potential redundancies on hold until they have greater clarity on their way forward. The question presented by this is a difficult one: how do you maintain productivity and engagement levels amongst employees who either already know (or anticipate) that they may be ‘going’ once the longer-term strategy is clarified?

This problem can be addressed by bringing forward career support programmes – essentially creating a ‘pre-outplacement’ proposition for employees who may be at risk of losing their roles later in the year. A number of the key components of traditional outplacement programmes can be made available so that employees can begin preparing for change in advance of whenever that may be. Examples include access to one-on-one career coaching sessions, participating in online career development workshops and events and being given virtual tools and resources to assist with individual career goals.

We believe ‘pre-outplacement’ support can and should play a major part in business success going forward.

How can New Horizons help?

Regardless of the timing, whether post-redundancy or prior to a transition being necessary, New Horizons can support your people across the entire organisation, from individual team members and frontline staff to senior managers, directors and board members.

We provide tailored Executive Coaching for senior people to ensure a smooth transition into a new role or to support them in taking on new challenges within the company. Our Career Coaching helps middle management and team members with planning and achieving a new direction or with positive engagement and wellbeing during times of business transformation.

Whatever your challenges at this time we can help.

Please call us for a no-obligation discussion to find out how we can help you.