Why your company needs an outplacement scheme

by | Dec 3, 2019

Letting go of employees is always difficult, however HR leaders can provide the best possible support during any redundancy process with an outplacement programme that is right for the company and for the people. Likewise, if you are leaving your company, whether it is as a result of redundancy or an agreed parting of the ways, then an outplacement services can be of great benefit in supporting your transition into a new job.

What is outplacement?

An employee using an outplacement service may have been unfortunately ousted from their previous position and, therefore, in much need of a guide to help them resettle in a new position. Outplacement is a service that provides just that

Outplacement services companies, like New horizons, are respectable organisations that aim to help employees who are in the process of leaving their current job, be that voluntarily or involuntarily. Outplacement, also often referred to as ‘career transition’, assists exiting employees by offering the necessary support for them to re-orient themselves in the job market. Outplacement facilitates the terminated employee’s quest to find a new post. Outplacement schemes can be used by individuals or catered to work for large groups.

What are the benefits of outplacement programmes ?

Staying ahead of the latest market trends

There are many reasons why outplacement support can benefit exiting employees, one of the many benefits  is that it makes sure they are ahead of the latest market trends. It prepares exiting employees for the journey ahead, rather than just packing their bags and throwing them into the deep end. While they may have been trained and coached well throughout their previous job post, there may have been a myriad of technological and industry advancements that they’re not quite ready to face. Outplacement can provide the necessary direction to make sure they’re up to date on the latest trends and updates in the industry, so they won’t be unfairly disadvantaged in their job search.

At New Horizons, our programmes offer practical support such as:

  • Writing CVs that work for both online and traditional applications
  • Creating your LinkedIn profile and advising about online personal branding
  • Job search techniques
  • Coaching and preparation for upcoming interviews

Speeding up the process

Employees who are offered outplacement services by their company statistically resettle 50% faster than those who are not offered the service. It speeds up the process by taking some of the redundancy stress off the exiting employees’ shoulders. This empowers them to work towards their next step, rather than leaving them feeling demoralised and demotivated.

Help with redundancy

Outplacement programmes provide managers with the necessary coaching to help in the first place. Companies should invest in training managers on how to not only deliver redundancy news but how to best help their employees following the redundancy. Likewise, it is not only the manager’s responsibility but the wider HR and recruitment teams too. The HR department and line managers should be ambassadors of the outplacement scheme.  It should be made clear who your employees can go to if they are made redundant. If this is communicated effectively, exiting employees can benefit significantly from the scheme and get the support they need.

Emotional support

Outplacement services not only offer practical guidance and advice for bettering employment prospects, but also the service should also offer psychological and emotional support. Because Outplacement companies are usually provided by a third party, this means that any associated workshops or consultation spaces are safe and supportive environments for exiting employees to talk about their fears and concerns. By having an impartial leader to talk to, the exiting employee will be at ease discussing their worries. It goes without saying that this kind of open-minded communication is a great anxiety and stress buster too.

At the heart of New Horizons’ group programmes is our range of half-day, one-day and two-day outplacement workshops. These are an ideal way of covering the key issues for all your staff in depth and allowing each person to participate fully.

We can combine workshops with additional one-to-one support in the form of face-to-face coaching, remote Skype consultations, drop-in surgeries, as well as online and telephone support and advice. Groups can be as small as two or three people, and as large as you need depending if you are realigning a small team or considering a major site closure.

Workshops can take place in the workplace or at a convenient venue and we can staff and equip an on-site resource centre as a focal point for your people during the period of change.

Executive outplacement

Senior managers can gain bespoke coaching and job-hunting support from our outplacement schemes too, meaning executive members of staff can also benefit from outplacement services. At a director level, the job search can get a little bit trickier. For executives, it is often more about connections and networks than training because, as an executive, you are already relatively high up the career ladder.

At New Horizons we offer executive career coaching to support this. Executive outplacement can work on developing the executive’s social presence and help with networking.The service can connect executive delegates with the right people, and provide access to senior resource facilities, such as memberships to hidden job market boards or private director institutes.


An oft-cited perk of outplacement is the well-wishing bond built up between outgoing employees and the previous employer. The exiting employee, having been provided with useful support and guidance, can leave their previous post with dignity. Outplacement prevents exiting employees from resenting the organisation due to the ill-fated severance of their employment contract. In this sense, outplacement has a lot to do with employer brand protection.


New Horizons don’t operate a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to our outplacement programmes and with our clear and simple pricing structure with no hidden extras we build them around the needs of our clients – tailored, flexible and responsive. Over years of experience we find the starting point with anyone is to spend time talking through outplacement and how we can help. So many people aren’t aware of how a career coach can help, especially during the first few weeks after leaving a job. It’s from this initial discussion that we create a programme that best meets their needs to help them make the right choices and decisions for them.

We support people across an organisation including:

  • C-suite executives
  • Managers
  • Individual team members
  • Production and frontline staff

Our programmes are tailored for individuals on an one-to-one basis or we can create and run group programmes designed to offer practical help when individual outplacement isn’t possible.
No-one can guarantee success, but we can guarantee that your people will receive the best support from our team of coaches while they take the next step in their career.

Talk to us to see how we can help you and your people. Call us on 0044 (0)207 831 9843 or send us a message now.