5 things to remove from your LinkedIn profile

by | Apr 25, 2019

There are five basic things we believe every LinkedIn user should remove from their profile:

  1. An unprofessional profile photo

Too many LinkedIn profile photos are blurry, in weird settings, or just bad photos that don’t represent their owners as professional people. You do not need a studio head shot for your LinkedIn profile, you can just take a photo on your phone, but please make sure it’s a head and shoulders shot that looks professional.

  1. Unprofessional blog posts or comments

Some LinkedIn users leave horrible or hateful comments and say negative things in their published blog posts. Make sure you remove anything mean-spirited on your LinkedIn profile if you want to be viewed as a mature professional.

  1. Bad recommendations

People do not leave negative recommendations on LinkedIn — and if someone tried to leave you a negative recommendation you wouldn’t have to publish it on your profile — but plenty of people have sub-par recommendations on their profiles anyway because they accept any recommendation that anyone writes for them. Please only accept suitable positive recommendations.

  1. Proprietary information

You can upload documents and images to your LinkedIn profile; however you should leave out any proprietary information from past employers or clients. Proprietary information could include charts and graphs, proposals, drafts of press releases or plans, and anything else that a company doesn’t want publicly shared.

  1. A third-person Summary or bio.

Don’t let anybody talk you into writing a third-person bio or Summary statement, always write about yourself in the first person,

Above all the message is that your LinkedIn profile is your public face to the professional world, so make sure it’s doing its job for you!