We know can be difficult to move on after you have been made redundant, but it can be a great opportunity too –  if used well.

We have pulled together some of our most useful tips to help you through the process:

  • Don’t make any hasty decisions about your next move; instead think thoroughly about what you want to do with your life now. The easiest thing in the world to do is to rush straight back into the market to any old job. After a job loss of any kind, many of us experience a sense of bereavement, so allow yourself to go through that process of grieving.
  • Get your financial position sorted out soon after you learn you’re going to be made redundant. Creating a budget and a contingency plan now will allow to you focus on creating a new opportunity for yourself further on down the line.
  • Get to know yourself so that you end up in a space that suits you. Reflect upon your strengths, passions and interests and match them against any preferences or constraints that will affect the next step of your life and career.
  • Use the time in between getting laid off and taking yourself to market to expand your learning and development.
  • Create a targeting plan. Research the type of role you want to do and the type of organization you want to work for. Note down what’s important to you and plan how you’re going to get what you want.
  • Use your network. When you’re ready to put your foot back into the water start contacting connections who know you well and know about the space you’re looking to move into. Simply tell them you’ve been laid off and that you are looking to explore such-and-such an option or for a way in to meeting so-and-so and ask them how they can help you.
  • Stay positive. The more positive you are about what’s ahead, the more you’ll seemingly draw opportunities to yourself.