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Managing Redundancy

Most people will experience redundancy directly or indirectly at least once in their careers. For affected individuals and organisations, it is usually a stressful and difficult event and a time where external support is invaluable.

At New Horizons we know that managing redundancy is all about putting people first. We never take a 'one size fits all' approach, working instead with each organisation to understand its unique requirements.

Nothing will take the pain out of the redundancy process, but a professional approach and experienced, informed support can ease it, minimising the risks to organisations and individuals, helping them through the change and uncertainty and managing the unexpected. We can be as 'hands-on' as your organisation requires, providing additional resource and expertise:

  • Working with your senior management team on strategies for change, organisation design or redundancy consultation
  • Ensuring your team knows the process and current legislation
  • Coaching managers through difficult one-to-one meetings
  • Managing outplacement and individuals whose roles are redundant
  • Supporting concerned and worried colleagues (the 'survivors'), maintaining motivation and retaining key individuals
  • Understanding the associated emotions and replacing negative feelings with positive action plans

Managers tasked with implementing redundancy may find it a stressful and challenging time, uncertain about how best to navigate themselves, their colleagues and the organisation through the process fairly. Others may feel that they lack sufficient support, leaving them exposed and vulnerable.

Employees who have heard that their roles are redundant often go through a whole range of emotions - shock, disbelief, mistrust and anxiety - perhaps even anger and bitterness. Unless these employees are supported quickly and effectively, these emotions may spread throughout the organisation, damaging 'survivor' motivation and trust.

The survivors (or the people who the organisation wants to retain) may also experience feelings of disbelief, insecurity and mistrust. Some may lose their motivation or start looking for roles elsewhere, but the clever organisations work with these individuals to rebuild the team.

Our Managing Redundancy Programme could help you manage such situations.

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